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Hawkai is a software platform built to deliver monetary policy communications as quickly as possible, so you can spend less time waiting for information and more time thinking about markets.
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Instantly compare policy statements
Press conferences
Stream low latency press conference transcriptions
Aggregate global central bank speeches
Quickly see revisions to key policy rate forecasts

Instant statement comparisons

Visualize changes to policy language as soon as statements are released. By automating the entire process, Hawkai delivers statement comparisons and summaries up to 15 seconds ahead of the first major newswire headlines.

Live press conference transcription

Follow press conferences word for word. Combining technology with a team of real-time captioners gives us the ability to stream verbatim transcriptions with extremely low latency. Read and interpret opening statements and Q&A sessions hours before official transcripts are published.

Hawkish vs. dovish sentiment charting

Tune in to what policy makers are saying, without the noise. Hawkai constantly monitors central bank websites and RSS feeds for new publications so you don't have to. Each document is automatically summarized and analyzed for its policy stance and relevance to the market.

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